We need to talk!

The stakes for change are high and yet it seems we are finding it harder than ever to connect to one another. The polarisation of world views, the categorization of identities and the continual spread of conformity culture is rendering our voices silent. RAW. has been created with the belief that each and every one of us has a role to play in creating change and embracing the most controversial of dialogues. Curated by Hara Productions, this hybrid performance piece utilises the voices of 10 young artists from around the world in an attempt to inspire collaboration and challenge the status quo. Dealing specifically with issues revolving around the current definition of masculinity, RAW. asks you, the audience, to become apart of the conversation. Part art Exhibition. Part performance. Part Experiment.  Are you ready to take the plunge?

Curated by Brisbane born/LA Based artist Zed Hopkins, alongside brisbane locals Zayne Woodley Lake, Lily Daoud and Issy Jukes, RAW. is a collaboration of both Aussie and International emerging artists with talents in various artistic fields. The featured artists include: Andrew Stevenson (Melbourne), Matthew Thomas (Melbourne), Lynn Chia (Singapore), Tanvi Kothary (Singapore), Jessica Eu (Hong Kong/LA), Lily Daoud (Brisbane), Issy Jukes (Brisbane), Zed Hopkins (LA), Jack Martin (Brisbane) and more.