Take me. Where are you? Let me find you. Stay close.

As a series of encounters lead to 3 acquaintances to becoming roommates they have no choice but to face what has been dormant for so long. But, as their relationships develop so does the tension between them. Desperately trying communicate through different realities it becomes apparent that one of them is constantly pulled between a fantastical, absurd state and real life. What lengths would you go to for love? What can art expose as a coping mechanism and expression? And...does our history really dictate who we become?

The key creatives involved in this work are all interdisciplinary artists collaborating to produce an energetic show fusing elements of comedy, dance, and blurring the lines of multiple theater genres. Dormant is opening doors into conversations concerning how we communicate in complex relationships and derailing prevalent stigmas towards mental illness through their story. We've created this for you in mind, so let us take you there.