Angels in the Sky is not a play. It is not a performance. It is the moment between a breath in and out, it is an eternity of pain and beauty, it is centuries ago and centuries to come. Angels in the Sky is your place and mine, it is our story and we must make it together.

This piece blends contemporary performance with a modern exploration of Japanese Butoh (a form of dance-theatre). This then creates a space for exploration and collaborative choreography, blending spoken word, movement and projection through a synthesis of cultures and the openness of our contemporary theatre.

Using handheld lighting and projection, this piece evolves out of darkness, using light and dark to create an ephemeral space with no physical boundary. Each moment of this piece is an amalgamation of real-life interviews, choreographed dance and distorted light, creating a sensory experience like no other. For the audience, this piece is a chance to dive headfirst into the issues facing our society today through a truly unique and engaging lens.