Zed Hopkins is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily as an actor, director and collaborator. His work has taken him from his hometown of Brisbane (Australia) all the way to Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and Singapore. As a current student of Pomona College in California, Zed is studying a liberal arts degree with a major in Theatre and a double minor in Visual Art and Media Studies. 


Zed has a wealth of experience as an actor, writer, producer and director, both onstage and on camera. His most recent work has seen him touring a one-man show around Singapore and Australia as well as producing a hybrid art exhibition in his hometown of Brisbane. 


Zed is currently working on several ventures in the realms of social media and hybrid performance and is always looking for opportunities to collaborate and/or contribute to both local and international projects. 


If you are interested in collaborating with Zed, please use the contact link provided.